Ferreira de Sá World

For 75 years, Ferreira de Sá has been driven by curiosity to design and produce exceptional pieces.

Founded in Portugal in 1946, we have become one of the largest and oldest luxury rug companies in Europe.

We offer two different production techniques: Robot/Hand Tufting and Flatweave. Both are operated by talented artisans who share a passion for handcrafted and bespoke rugs. Constantly innovating, Ferreira de Sá has always improved production methods and raw materials, offering quality, flexibility, and the best solutions for its customers worldwide.

Since its establishment, Ferreira de Sá has not only grown but has continuously adapted, improved and expanded its presence worldwide.

After 75 years, we are proud to be present in every continent, having been reached by combining an outstanding in-house team working together with local distributors and agents. With this combined effort Ferreira de Sá is now widely regarded as a go-to rug expert and crafter for the luxury world, whether it’s an opulent house, a lavish yacht, a sumptuous hotel, a luxury retail store and other grand projects all of which are carefully designed, advised and crafted by the most talented rug craftsmen.